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BalkanID Copilot: Supercharge identity security and lifecycle management
Get deep insights and automated IGA workflows using natural language
Headless AI power
Works within BalkanID IGA or with existing identity and access management  tools, making it a turnkey addition to any environment.
Get insights fast
Query your identity data using natural language and with minimal time to deployment or staff hours required to get up and running.
Beyond basic queries
Move beyond discovery and turn insights into practical playbooks, generating actionable code and visualizations.
Query identity data using natural language
Gain insights from your enterprise identity data quickly by asking questions in simple, non-technical language. Let BalkanID Copilot build your query from the questions you ask, or take advantage of common pre-built questions.
Generate playbooks and build automation into your workflows
Insights are useful, but the true advantage of BalkanID Copilot lies in its automation. By generating playbooks, you can automate complex identity management tasks through Python code or text and visual query flowcharts.
Tailored to your enterprise environment
Utilize BalkanID IGA platform independently or with existing identity security and governance tools.
Discover BalkanID Copilot for yourself
Book your consultation
Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your business requirements and evaluate the potential benefits of BalkanID Copilot.
We build the pilot MVP
Our team will develop a fully featured pilot in a sandbox environment, requiring minimal time and resources from your teams.
Evaluate and deploy
Test-drive and evaluate the product with key stakeholders. Once approved, we’ll drive integration and deployment in production!